General Admission (Age 10 and up) $9
Child Admission (Age 6 - 9) $6
Senior Admission (65+) $6
How To Drive-In
This is a small list of Rules and Tips for enjoying our Drive-In. Thank you for your cooperation.
Pulling in and Parking
Fridays and Saturdays the line will become congested on Overland Trail. Please have your money ready, we will attempt to move the line as fast as we can. The right lane is for Screen 1 and left lane is for either screen.
Please use your parking lights (amber colored only) for navigating the Theater during the movies.
Speed limit strict 10 MPH Caution Children at Play
Don't drive over the ramps to get to a spot. Use the roadways, otherwise the ramps deteriorate and we all suffer.
We do not allow space saving. Don't leave your chairs in the spot next to you.
Two cars will fit in between each set of poles. Park close enough to the pole that another vehicle will fit in between.

Our staff assigns parking by vehicle height. The poles are color coordinated to differentiate.
  • Yellow - Sedans
  • Orange - Wagons
  • Green - Small - Midsize SUV / Small Pickups / Wagons
  • White - Full Size Trucks and SUVs
  • Pink Tops - Oversized and Lifted Vehicles / Abnormal Roof Racks
We recommend removing your roof racks and any obstructions from your vehicle. These will require us to park you further back based on your vehicle's total height.

Hatches will be tied down so that they are level with the roof line of your vehicle. If you need assistance with this please ask a staff memeber

Adherance to our parking policies is required. Staff will make final decisions for your specific vehicle.


We ask that you visit our Snack Bar when you come. Your support of our Snack Bar is what keeps the Holiday Twin operating every year.
Officially we do not allow outside food.
No grills, campstoves or fires. If you can cook on it, don't bring it. We grill out for you on Friday, Saturday and most Sundays.

We do not permit delivery. You will not be allowed back in to the Theater if you leave to pickup food either.

The Show

FM Radio Sound only. Use your Car Radio in Accessory mode or bring a boom box from home.

No roof riding. (Laying on, sitting on, dancing on the roof of your or anyone else's vehicle) First and foremost a safety issue, also we can't allow it due to our insurance.
Keep chairs, blankets, hammocks blowup intertubes or whatever else you may choose to park your personal tookus on in front of your vehicle. We want you and your family out of the way of traffic. This also applies to our furry companions
You cannot switch screens between intermission or at anytime. Your ticket is for the combo you selected only.
This is not only ours but also a Film Company Policy
No re-entry. You will be charged again.
Sneak-ins will be charged double.

Pet Policy

Bring your furry friends and family members to enjoy the Drive-In. Please pickup after your dog, cleanup bags are provided at each screen.
Keep your dog close. Extending leashes are great for the park but not for parking lots. When roaming or kicking back for the show keep your paws nearby.
Barking is disruptive, we ask that your pets be well mannered and that you are courteous of others.

Animals must be on a leash when outside your vehicle.